Nortel VPN Client

Nortel VPN Client 10.04

The VPN provides client functionality for secure remote access to Nortel Router
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The Nortel VPN Client provides user-side ('client') functionality for secure remote access over IP networks to Nortel VPN Router and VPN Gateway systems.
The Nortel VPN Client software is available and supported across a wide range of user workstation operating systems, including Windows Vista, 2000, XP, Linux and Macintosh. It is also available on Windows platforms in several localized languages, including German, Simplified Chinese, French Canadian, Spanish and Japanese.

The Nortel VPN Client provides user-side functionality for secure remote access over the Internet and/or private IP networks. It works in conjunction with Nortel's VPN Router and VPN Gateway systems for secure connectivity.

Formerly known as Contivity VPN Client.

Main features:

- Provides full user-side functionality for VPN Router and VPN Gateway-based secure access from Windows, Unix/Linux, and Macintosh systems
- Enforces centralized security policies, including bandwidth allocation, access control, authentication, encryption, and other user parameters; triggers automatic denial or termination of out-of-parameter client connections
- Allows end-users to roam across network boundaries (e.g., from wireless LAN to fixed LAN) without breaking the secure VPN connection and disrupting end-user applications.
- Enables administrators to customize and mass-distribute configurations to users; optionally, can auto-launch when connecting, with no end-user software load required
- Single VPN Client version supporting both IPsec and SSL VPN access
- Supports load-balancing, failover, and LZS compression for optimum user experience
- Integrates with complementary security, authentication, and access control products (Verisign, Entrust, Baltimore, etc.)
- Available in multiple languages - Chinese, English, French Canadian, German, Japanese and Spanish

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